Student at FGCU cautions of sparkle’s effect on the environment

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“It’s just never going to go away it’s not going to biodegrade,” said Fabiano Salano a student at FGCU attempting to protect the environment.

As a campus photographer Fabiano Salono has taken notice of sparkle being left by students attempting to spice up their graduation photographs. She began to do some research and what she discovered was mind-blowing.

“And the moment we went under the boardwalk it’s just this sheet of flashy colorful things,” said Salano.

She has propelled a campaign to raise awareness of how sparkle can be unsafe for the environment. Salono says there are different options to ring in a festival and catch the moment.

“Some alternatives are bubbles or one my of favorites is colored flowers petals you can get just about anywhere from your local gardens and another one is propped we already pay for our caps so you can just throw it up it looks super cute,” said Salano.

Salono has gotten students required as well as professors who say this is a difficult issue.

“When you throw this stuff out the wind seems to blow it away or the water carries it away but it’s still going to persist in the environment for hundred and hundred of years,” said Chad Evers an instructor in the Department of Ecology & Environmental Studies.

Evers says with FGCU being an eco-friendly campus, students are accomplishing more damage than good by utilizing sparkle.

“This is the impact they that have left on the university so this stuff is going to persist here for years and years-long after they are gone,” said Evers.

Salono and Evers want students at FGCU as well as wherever to be wary and just use alternatives that are not harming the environment.

“Be smart and be creative, and you can do so much with that you already have,” said Salano.

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